Friday, January 28, 2011

Reflux take 2!!

Braydens reflux is still out of control. We finally had our pediatrican appointment to follow up with the dr yestrday. I was just greatful that despite the 15" of snow they were still open!  So based on his weight (he's now 14lbs and just shy of 27"!!!!) he is maxed out on the zantac at 4mls per day.  So i asked if we could bump up his prevacid to 2x a day. The Dr. pretty much agreed that it is our only option at this point, i just hope this does the trick. She said that at this point if this doesn't work we are going to have to take him the the baby gastro next month. Needless to say I would love to spare him that experience!

Apparently he didn't have such a bad time at the pedes, he was having fun amusing himself while we waited for the dr!

We are still doing our normal routine of "anti-reflux" behaviors and he gets cereal in each bottle. The cereal definitely helps with the sensitive formula but it makes him not able to go to the bathroom. So the pedes recommended we start giving him stage 1 type of baby foods like pears, plums and prunes a little each day.  So of course i was really excited to make his first batch of baby food! For his first food we tried pears and LOVED it!! He wasn't sure what to think of the texture but figured it out pretty fast!


Mom has a great time making Brayden's first batch of organic pears!!

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