Thursday, January 20, 2011

3, 6, 9!

Today my little man is 3 months old! I know all the moms say it but I really can't believe how fast time seems to be going by! Its amazing what a few weeks time can change!  He is now up to 6 oz per feeding and is sleeping 9 straight hours at night.  Any mom's gotta love that!  In a months time he's discovered his hands and feet, started TRYING to roll over, tries to sit up when laying and smiles and laughs so hard it melts your heart! Every day is an adventure and I'm loving every minute of it despite how stressful things can be at times. 
Things have been a little tough lately...we are still battling with Braydens reflux and he has been teething for 3 weeks. YES teething at 2 months! Poor kid! Looks like he will get teeth early like his daddy!  I'm just hoping at this point they just break through and spare him some pain! I am STILL waiting for the new prescription from the pediatrician for the new dosage in his reflux medicine. He's currently on Zantac(2xday) and Prevacid(1xday). As long as we keep up on it, it has been managable. I'm just praying for his sake he grows out of it sooner than later!
We also just got Brayden a doorway jumper which he seems to have mixed feelings about :)  He doesn't quite seem to know what to do but he's really good at spinning in a circle! 

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