Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 3 Months Bella Bug!

Happy 3 months sweetheart! It is truly amazing how much you have grown and changed in such a short time!   Bella the sweetest, most lovable personality. She still looks so serious but she will give you her big smile and  started with real laughs and giggles at 9 weeks.  Nothing is better than a child's laughter, it can completely turn your mood around to see that smiles and hear a big laugh.  Bella is our chatterbox. I don't ever remember Brayden "talking" as much as she does.  She will get in to her moods where she talks to herself and makes the craziest screeching and babble sounds.  Other times we will carry on long "conversations" with each other about her day. lol Her latest version of talking are these dinosaur-like screams. It almost sounds like she is angry but she is having a good old time. I have a feeling she is going to blow Brayden away with her language milestones. I'm not at all surprised since you know girls never shut up lol.

Since we don't have a 3 month appointment I'm not sure exactly how much Bella weights, I'd guess it's at least 14 lbs. But I did measure her and she grew another inch this month so she's now 25"!! 
I love her big baby blues!!

Bella still loves nursing! She is still eating ever 2-3 hours depending on the day and will take 4-6 ounces of pumped milk. She is not really a fan of the bottle. She's definitely shown her preference for the boob vs the bottle. She will only take a bottle of breast milk if someone else gives it to her, if I try she automatically refuses and wants the real deal. Ahh,  i see this as just the beginning of a strong willed little girl :) She loves to fall asleep and comfort nurse. Which is great for bonding but i am trying to slowly get her off that so she doesn't HAVE to nurse to sleep every time. We've tried giving her a few different binkies since she just wants to suck on something but she refuses them all. I'm glad it's one less habit to break later, but sometimes the break on my nipples would be great. lol 

Bella is working really hard on sitting and trying to roll over. Her back is getting much stronger.She can sit fairly well propped up against something but tends to tip over and face plant. lol It cracks me up when she does it in slow motion like she's trying but can't stay up.  I think she will be rolling from tummy to back very soon. She has all the moves right but gets stuck on her arms. 

Bella is still a great sleeper. I am trying to get her on some kind of schedule but it can vary. Not that we are by any means sleep training but if we can get some schedule down that would be great. We try and get her to nurse and sleep 9-930. She will sleep for long stretches and wakes one time usually b/w 12-1 or around 5-6 and goes back down till 9 or so.  She takes a really long nap around 1 when Brayden does and tends to cat nap in the morning and later on.  Considering she is 3 months I'm thrilled with the routine she is on.  She had an obsession with sleeping on her tummy.  She will sleep all day on her tummy if you let her. It makes me paranoid. I know SIDS is at its greatest risk between 2-4 months so I am really nervous when she wants to sleep on her tummy.  I will only let her do it at nap time when I can keep checking on her even then i am anxious. The only reason I let her at all is because she has some really strong head control. As soon as she can roll I'll feel better, plus I don't be able to control her rolling anyway.  

What an expression

And the monthly comparison of Brayden/Bella: 3 Months

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