Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 2 months Bella!

Everyone says time goes faster with the second child and they weren't kidding. :) I cant believe Bella is two months! She is getting so big! She did great at her pedes appointment and only cried for 30 seconds after her shots! What a trooper.  Shes now 12lb 8oz (85%) and 24" long(95%)! I affectionately call her my chunky monkey.  I absolutely love her little leg and arm rolls! 

Despite looking serious most of the time Bella is such a content and happy little girl! She really has a lot of personality! She also started cooing along with her gorgeous smiles, it absolutely melts my heart!  She loves being carried in the moby wrap and being held. I'm really lucky she is not a big cryer and usually only gets fussy when she is hungry or if she wants to be picked up. 

At 6 weeks she finally transitioned to 0-3 clothes and 1 diapers. Even though she is a little chunker her length distributes it so she has been in NB size longer. Also being in summer clothes and not having to worry about pant lengths makes all the difference. Anything one piece like rompers and PJ's she grows out of much faster b/c she is so tall. We had this same problem with Brayden! We've got some tall kids!

We finally got Bella's MSPI (milk/soy protien) issues and reflux in order. I KILLED me to have to dump almost 50 ounces of breast milk i had frozen b/c it had milk and soy in it. After having no supply with Brayden any stash was like dumping liquid gold.  Despite how hard the diet is we're doing so well keeping up with and Bells is thriving. This girl LOVES to breastfeed. I know babies love to, but she seriously gets excited to get on the breast. lol She eats a LOT!  During the day she will go 2-3 hours or longer during nap but she's drinking a lot of milk at one sitting. Since she was a few weeks old she will drink a good 4 oz of pumped milk at one time. She definitely has a great appetite!

Bella has had good head control since she was about 3 weeks old.  At 2 months she can sit well in her Bumbo and has even tried her Exersaucer. She is great at tummy time holding her head up when we put her on her elbows but will only tolerate it for a few minutes at a time.

Bella is a great sleeper. Aside from growth spurts or times when her reflux is acting up she will normally sleep from 9 or so till 12 or 1, nurse then sleep till the morning. We are cosleeping with her so it makes it really easy to nurse and get her back down .  We really lucked out with her sleep habits!! 

UPDATE*** Almost forgot to add on the Brayden/Bella 2 month Comparison! 

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