Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bella's Tummy Troubles

Bella has been struggling with her reflux and intolerance issues for the last few weeks. Despite being on Prilosec two times a day it hasn't been enough to break through the pain. She is normally such a chill and calm baby so you know things are really hurting when shes cries so much and has to be held all the time. It breaks my heart! On top of that, shes been having mucousy poop and dark green diapers off an on. Ugh I'm so frustrated for her!! The color and mucous is indicative over other GI irritations so with everything she's been going though I wanted to get to back to the pedes.

I've talked to the Dr about her reflux and other issues before and since she is maxed out on her allowed dosage of the Prilosec the only other option would be to add Zantac. I HATE the idea of her being on meds, let alone throwing more medication at her, but I agreed with the Dr that it's better to try it to see if it helps her break through the pain.  So we currently have' her on a rotation of meds to get her through the day. On a positive note it seems to be helping and she hasn't been in pain like she had been.

It's also time to head to the gastro. I called yesterday and I'm waiting to hear back from them with the appointment date.  Speaking of, I think I'm going to stalk them out b/c they were suppose to of called me back by now.   Anyway, the pedes agreed that with the poop color and consistency issues that there is prob another food intolerance that we are dealing with. I can honestly say I am going nuts trying to figure out what is bothering her. I have been diligent about making sure I have ZERO dairy and soy hidden and otherwise so I know it's not from me slipping. I did soy challenge her about 3 weeks ago and that did not go well. So I know that's still a no go. I KNOW dairy will not go well so it's not worth even trying since it takes 2+ weeks to get out of my system.  Bray didn't outgrow his milk issues till about 10-11 months so I'm not anticipating her being any different. So the dr said the next things that kids are generally allergic to are eggs, wheat gluten and tomatoes  Whew, i am hoping and praying that is not the case b/c it's hard enough to find things to eat now.  Of course I will do it for her but it would definitely be tough.  Since the mucous doesn't "hurt" her we are waiting to talk to the gastro before we start doing full eliminations.

I know it may sounds nuts but I am really determined to keep breastfeeding. Bella is an amazing nurser, she really has made it so easy for me. I can honestly say I've been fortunate enough to not have had that "i don't think i can do this anymore" moment.  I know part of it is mental for me. With Brayden i had NO supply, he had latch and nursing issues so it compounded in to us not being able to breastfeed.  Since this time is different I love the time we do get together and I would hate to give that up. My biggest hang up on continuing breastfeeding is Bella. She loves, loves, loves to nurse. It's her comfort and I really don't want to take that from her. She also hates the bottle. She barely takes one for jason if we give her pumped milk, and anyone else is a huge struggle. She refuses to take a bottle from me since she knows I have the milk on tap.  lol So, here's hoping if we do need further elimination that I can keep up with it and we won't have to stop.

On a positive note, she is gaining really well despite everything!  She was up to 15 lbs when we were at the dr on friday! This girl loves to eat and it's more than evident with how much she is gaining so fast lol. I love my little chunky monkey!

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