Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Walk to End Alzheimers

Yesterday was the annual Walk to End Alzheimer's. It was the second year we participated and we were glad to see there was an even bigger turn out.  Jason was able to do fundraising at his work this year and a few of his co-workers joined us in the walk. Overall they raised a good amount of money so we were happy we'd be able to contribute toward further research and Alzheimer's education. For those who aren't familiar we were walking in honor of Jason's dad Rich who is currently battling the disease. We were also walking in loving memory of my Aunt Joan and Jason's grand mom   It was an emotional day but we were glad to support and represent my father in law by being there.  Thank you to those who were kind enough to donate, it means more than you could know!!

 Racing Uncle Robbie!

People Watching!

Rough housing with uncle robbie!

Walking through Phillies Stadium!

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