Tuesday, April 12, 2011

These two are trouble!

It looks like Brayden and Riley (our dog) are going to be TROUBLE together! They are too much. The dog as of now seems to be afraid of the baby. Not exactly afraid but he LOVES her. Just looking at her makes him laugh! It is the cutes thing. He loves chasing after her and she always runs away! But the second he is in the highchair they are suddenly best friends! Brayden finally figured out that if he holds his food over the side of the chair she will come over (which he loves) and she gets a treat.  I can see this turning in to something very bad! lol
Stage 1: Riley realized he has food! 

Stage 2: Brayden thinks the dog wants to play

Stage 3: WIN, WIN! Riley gets a treat and Brayden thinks the dog is playing! lol 

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