Thursday, April 14, 2011

Run Jennie Run! :)

I FINALLY have gotten the chance to start getting back in to running. I really missed it, but my first attempts have been really pathetic. lol I haven't been able to run since before I was pregnant. Wow now that I think about it it's been a long long time. It seems like there was one thing and then another that didn't allow me to start back up.

When we were doing IVF the first time i wasn't running and then i ended up with severe OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation). Which took almost a month an a half for my ovaries to shink from the large grapefruit size they were (literally!).  Then when I got pregnant i was obviously on precaution at first, but then Braydens twin that didn't make it gave me a hematoma that was rapidly growing, so for the first half of the pregnancy any extra activity was limited.  Then my labor left with with much repair and i could barely stand, move, sit or walk for about 8 or so weeks. On top of being severely sickly anemic from the delivery.Then I had ankle sugery 6 weeks after he was born. lol Re-reading that it sounds more like a rant than anything, that was definitely not my intention or how i meant it. But now that is is finally getting nice outside and i'm feeling half normal it's time to get back in the swing of things.

So running with a stroller is definitely a work out. I DONT have a jogging stroller, which now i'm really wishing i did but i really don't want to spend the money when we have two really nice strollers already. fortunately the one i've been using is a chicco and it's actually really light for a full size stroller. the way i see it, it's just more resistance for me. :)

Saturday was my first run, and HOLY CRAP i am soooo out of shape! lol Not that i expected anything less but it was def a wake up call. We went down to the waterfront Battlefield Park by my house and it was a beautiful day/run. I only ran about a mile but its better than nothing.  Brayden had a great time watching all of the people and going for a ride!

And of course we hit up the park for some play time afterward! 

Sunday we went to Cooper River in Pennsauken. Little did we know it was the Regatta but it made it more fun with all the people out and about and gave us something else to watch! The side we ran on is just shy of 4 miles. Jason ran much more than me and we took turns pushing brayden. I was lucky if i maybe ran 2 miles. But any improvement is better than none.  My body was and is feeling this run. with one "corrected" ankle my leg is retaining and trying to correct 20+ years of muscles working incorrectly.  Needless to say i am still sore 3 days later! :)
Now i just need to stick with it, and hope the weather starts cooperating again!

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