Monday, April 18, 2011


Brayden had SO much fun dying eggs for Easter at grammy and pop pop Nolte's house!  At first he really didn't know what to make of it and of course his first response is to immediately put the eggs in his mouth! Typical Brayden. lol Auntie Katie and Daddy showed him how to dip and drop the eggs in the dye and roll it around. It was the cutest thing! He had a ball and got multicolored hands and face doing it!  He kept biting his eggs with his new tooth and cracking them and dropping them on the floor. Aaahh the wonders of gravity! :)

He almost did a full out crawl forward today too!! He has been up on his knees for a few weeks and moves backwards but he's still trying so hard to get the hand/leg coordination down.  It's adorable! i'm sure he will wait till easter for his first forward crawl since he likes to be a show off on the holidays and do new things! lol

Here's some cute pics of dying eggs!!

MMMM eggs!

Like this??! 


MMMM green dye!

Ohhh i wanna make an orange one!

NOOOOO don't take away my eggs! 

You can tell which ones Brayden made
he chewed them!! :P 

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