Thursday, April 14, 2011

6 month and gastro appt!

Busy week with dr's appointments for Brayden!  Yesterday we had his follow up appointment for the gastroenterologist at CHOP (children's hospital of philadelphia).  Things are looking good. I am SO relived. The dr was happy with his progress and we are keeping him on the same dosage of medication until we go back in three months. At that point we will cut his dose in half and go from there. Our goal is to hopefully ween him off by 12 months if his tummy allows.
He was so good at the drs, i think his favorite part was the paper on the table. lol He had a ball!

Today was his regular pedes 6 month appt! He seriously is getting so big!   The dr was really happy with his growth. Of course he was a little ham and was flirting with the dr. He is now 28 1/4 inches long (98%) and 16lb 8oz(36%)!! TALL and SKINNY! :)  She was really impressed with his development. Fortunately he has been a little ahead of schedule on things, so you know i'm a proud mom!  : )  So now we are going to add a third meal a day and he can eat more meats, beans ext.  
He did REALLY well with his shots.  he had one oral and three in the legs. He only cried and little and didn't scream bloody murder this time. Of course mom shed a tear but we played right after and his adorable smiles were back 30 seconds later!! 

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  1. Thats funny Lillianna is 19 months and she is 32 inch..he is almost as tall as her lol