Monday, April 18, 2011

One last visit!

Yesterday we went up to visit grandma and grandpa Keyser one last time at their home in Oakland.  I'm sure they are sad to move from the home that Jason grew up in, but we are super excited for their new home to finish being built in Deptford only 10 mins away from us!! Only about a month or so to go, they are moving on June 8th!!
It must have been bittersweet for Jason knowing it was the last time that he would set foot in his childhood home. We are going to miss the delicious Oakland pizza meatballs and food and the amazing bagels!! lol Guess we will have to make special trips for some yummy treats :)

Hanging out with my Grandpa!


 Love my Grandma!

Sitting at the big boy table in a booster seat! 

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