Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we went to Johnson's Farm in Medford for a little Easter Fun! Every holiday they always have cute things for kids to do! Even though Brayden is still pretty little I knew he would have a ball on the egg hunt!

To get to the egg hunt we had to go on a hayride! Brayden loved watching all the kids and made all kinds of friends!

When we reached the field/tree line they had all of the kids sit on bales of hay to tell them Peter Rabbit needed their help! It was adorable!  Each kid had to find one egg in each of the 5 colors and they got a prize for helping Peter Rabbit collect all his eggs for Easter!

Then we were off!! He had fun picking out which egg was the best!  And tried to eat most of them! Typical Brayden! 
All these for me?! 

Where do I start?!

I'll take this one! 

Can i have all of these?!


A little video! Of course he's trying to put them in his mouth! 

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