Monday, February 28, 2011

4 months old!!

I can NOT believe how much Brayden has changed in the last month! it's amazing what he can do and how much more attentive he is.  He is learning at such a rapid pace and discovering his world. I LOVE every moment of it!  I hate how fast time is going but the older he gets the more fun he is.  He is a big talker now.. babbling,growling and screeching at anything and everything. He even had a 2 mins conversation with a pillow feeling and scrathing it the other day. lol  His leg and body strength is insane. I swear he is going to skip sitting and crawling and go straight to pulling himself up and running away. Okay may not to that extent but he really is experiencing things in a whole new light! He really makes every day amazing.... I'm SO IN LOVE!

Trying to sit up like a big boy!!  Doesn't last long but he is learning! 
 Drool monster! 

Some of the 4 month sticker shots! 

He is most definitely standing on his own.. his butt is the only thing touching the couch.. nuts! 

Look at those giant feet! size 3!! : P 

 I ABSOLUTELY love this one! 

CAUGHT eating his feet AGAIN! :) 

Doing the "model" pose! 

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