Monday, February 21, 2011


Brayden has been teething for about a month and a half and still hasn't had a break through. He apparently likes to teeth REALLY early like his daddy.   The kid chews on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! From toys to blankets, teethers, our fingers and anything with in reach :)  We are going through bibs like they are going out of style. He literally soaked through 7 bibs today. He is not a very good teether but with a little tylenol here and there he's been managing pretty well.  Here's hoping whatever is trying to pop through does it quickly!! :)


  1. kaleb too....just remember they do this for MONTHS before a tooth actually pops through, ugh! do you have the bibs lined with plastic? if you don't, get some! it might save you a bib or two a day, lol! Although gavin didnt cut a tooth until 8-9 months so I would expect the twins to be close to that, we shall see!
    I just got these bibs for the twins because I didn't have enough from gavin :-P
    only pain about them is they need to dry on the line, no dryer otherwise it will mess up the plastic I learned the hard way with gavin :-P

  2. we have a few with plastic lining .. this kid LIVES in bibs all the time! thanks i'll check those out b.c as fast as we change a big it soaks through!