Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reflux, Milk protein Intolerance?, Alimentum... OH MY!

So I thought we FINALLY got braydens reflux meds all figured out to keep things under control and managable.  A week later things have take a complete 180!  He is in so much pain, constantly spitting up, has continual sour acid breath, has not been eating the amount he is suppose to and has completely regressed on a lot of his behavior. He's so uncomfortable that he constantly wants to be held and doesn't really want to nap anywhere but on mommy and daddy. I feel so awful! I know a 3 month old is not "suppose" to be napping on you all the time but at this point i'll do anything to make him feel better. On a positive note i do love all the cuddle time! It has made it really hard to get things done.. but those things can wait.  I really just can't bear to hear his screams anymore. He gets him self so upset he coughs, chokes and even gets sick. I can't stant to see my baby hurt...we have to do something about it!

In the meantime I've been  researching GERD (reflux) therapies, milk allergy, milk protein intolerance, and lactose problems.and I've been  thinking that there is a good chance Brayden has a milk protein intolerance on top of his reflux. With all of his symptoms it really seems like it fits.

So we had an appt with the pediatrican tonight. well the nurse practitioner. And we are definitely going to the gastroenterologists.  It breaks my heart but we need to just to "make sure" we aren't missing something bigger going on that we can't see.  I also discussed with her about the possibility of a milk protein intolerance and she said she was thinking along the same lines. and that the best way to test it is to use a NON milk based or soy based formula and see how he does. So that means alimentum. I asked her about good start because of the "comfort proteins" and she said that it is also a milk based formula so if that really is the problem it won't completely fix it.  ugggh. we got 4 little sample cans.. which is prob about 2 -2 1/2 days worth each. We are going to try it for 2 weeks and see how he is doing.  I really hope this works. It just sucks how crazy expensive it is!! I was looking at deals on amazon  mom and sites like that but if i do that i can't use coupons. So i think it may be slightly cheaper for me to get it at the store with coupons.

SO ... here we go.. on another adventure... In the mean time tomorrow I have to call a few gastroenterologists to see who can get us in the fastest!  WISH US LUCK!  I hope we can figure this out!

The Packers Good luck charm! 


  1. I really hope between your pedi and the gastro you can get it figure out, I am like you...I hate seeing the little guys in pain. I just kept reminding myself (and still do when they are sick) that fortunately they won't remember any of it LOL
    Also keep in mind the alimentum formula is REALLY thin so if that does work, you may need to add more cereal than you were with the sensitive. I tried the alimentum with Jakob and he flat out refused it lol cant blame the taste AWFUL :-( but if thats what it takes, he will get used to it :-P
    I have similac coupons ($15) I will send with marcin sunday :-)keep us posted!

  2. Oh so sorry to hear of all your feeding troubles :( I hope you can figure it out soon!

  3. I hope you get the whole thing figured out! We're having a heck of a time with DB's GERD too. I hope the soy formula brings some relief!