Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hi ho, Hi Ho, off to the Park we go!

FINALLY two days in a row of nice warm weather!! Of course it's now cold again but I'll take a break when ever i can get it! Since it was so nice out we decided Brayden would get his first trip to the park! We had a great time!  He absolutely loved the swing and had fun going down the slide! We had a great time with Aunt Jill, Abby, Shahana and Maddie! Hopefully next time his other "girlfriends" will get a chance to come play too!
Brayden is just like his mommy and loves to people watch... he had a great time looking at all the kids and going for a walk.  He even got to sit in the "big boy" part of the stroller.  It's amazing what some nice weather can do for your mood! I cant wait for spring and summer!!!

LOVES the swing!! 

Going Down the slide!

Maddie, Abby and Brayden

Napping at the Park

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