Tuesday, July 31, 2012

39 weeks! Only a few more days!

Whew we made it another week. I know I keep saying it but after 15 weeks of pre-term labor, 12 weeks of bed rest, 8 l&d trips I am floored that this little girl is determined to stay in. But in saying that I know better than to expect anything less from my body and my kids! lol We apparently LOVE to do things difficult. I had my weekly OB appt on Tuesday. I was REALLY excited for this appt b/c my regular OB was finally back from a month long overseas mission to Vietnam. Of course I knew he was going to laugh when he saw me still pregnant but be thrilled we made it this far. He had also promised me that if we made it this far they would induce me after 39 weeks so I don't have to keep waiting around in pain contracting wondering when this little girl would arrive. At my check I am still the same for effacement (70-80% depending on who does it) and am now 3cm. I was a little disappointed to not have progressed more with how I have been feeling but ANY progression is better than none at this point, and it's less I'll have to do while in labor, so i'll take it! 

He did schedule induction. We were hoping for Friday(at 39 weeks exactly) but he needs to be on when the do it, since he can't pawn me off on one of the other drs. Which I totally understand, but being told it was another week definitely hurt a little.  So we are all set for induction on Tuesday!  I still have my weekly appt that afternoon and we head over to Cooper to get things going at 4pm. Hopefully by the time we register and get set up they can get the cervadil in by 6. I was hoping that we could skip that part since it goes in for 12 hours since i'm already fairly thinned out and 3cm dilated, but the dr said that he would rather do it in hopes that it'll dilate me more and get me fully effaced before we start Pitocin Wednesday morning. In other words in hopes that it'll minimize the amount of Pitocin that is needed to get things going and get me fully dilated. Although I'm not looking forward to an extra night in the hospital if there is a chance that we can minimize Pitocin I am all for it. After my labor/birth experience with Brayden and having 2 non working epidurals, I can honestly say i am TERRIFIED of the Pitocin. Here's hoping this time my epidural works and we will be golden! Plus the 'condition' of my cervix is the opposite of when  I was induced with Brayden so we have that in our favor!

So we are hoping Bella makes her big debut on Wednesday!! I am beyond excited and anxious to meet her. I can't wait for Brayden to meet his little sister, he is going to be great with her. We did get him some presents as a big brother gift to give him at the hospital from Bella so i'm sure he will be excited for that too! I am still nervous about how Brayden is going to do with this big adjustment in the long run.  He is very mommy-centric and I'm sure once Jason goes back to work we are going to have to deal with some major jealousy issues. Not that I'm happy he's currently going through a fever episode but I'm glad its out of the way RIGHT before Bella arrives so that we don't have to worry about one for at least a few weeks. The episodes are hard enough on him let alone throwing a new sibling on top of it.  This will actually be the first time I have been away from him overnight. I think I will have a harder time than he will! lol  Fortunately my mom is going to be taking care of him and is going to bring him to our house to sleep so that he isn't even more disrupted by things with us not being around. Once Bella is born Jason is going to come home at night to be with him.  

In the mean time I am hoping and praying that this girl decides to make her appearance on her own. Mentally I think i have resolved myself to the fact that we WILL be induced, to make the wait a little easier. I feel bad being so impatient about things. I felt like I had so much more patience when I was pregnant with Brayden but I wasn't in pain for 15 weeks contracting like this time, so I think I'm entitled to be "done" lol  

How far along? 39 weeks!  I still can't believe after everything we made it this far :) 
Total weight gain/loss: lost 10, gained 25- shes head down
Sleep: not sleeping well b/c of the contractions and cramping, lovely pregnancy insomnia, tossing and turning, sciatic pain, hot flashes and having to pee a lot, restless leg pain
How big is baby? prob about 7.5+ lbs: about the size of a watermelon
Movement: she is head down and tends to favor laying on her left side, so i'm always getting kicked and punched on my right side, this little girls is STRONG :) The last few days her movement has dramatically decreased, hopefully it means good things to come, Bray was giant and he never slowed down with his movement so who knows! 
Symptoms: preterm contractions, menstral like cramps, exhausted, intense cervical pressure, restless legs, vericose vein pain, sciatica pain, reflux even with meds
Symptoms I DON'T have: nausea
Food cravings: chocolate milk, cherries
Food aversions: none this week
Gender:GIRL! * ~ Bella ~ *
Labor Signs:  LOTS of contractions, menstrual like cramps, and intense cervical pressure, 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated
Belly Button in or out?  in 
What I miss: not making 100 bathroom trips lol 
What I am looking forward to: meeting this little girl!!! 

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