Saturday, July 14, 2012

38 weeks! Almost there!

Its been another intense weeks of crazy contractions, back labor and pain. I'm definitely exhausted mentally and physically at his point and can't wait to meet this little girl! We have been trying EVERYTHING to get my contractions to stay regular. On their own they will get in to labor patterns and then after hours slow back down. I'm still on EPO (evening primrose oil) to keep my cervix ripe, red raspberry leaf (to help contractions stay effective), I keep walking, having sex, birthing ball, marathon nipple stimulation sessions with the pump and even castor oil. Apparently my body just isn't ready for full fledge labor but the least it could do it give me a break then and stop the pain for a little bit. I did dilate a little bit more this week. Anything is better than nothing, and she had been fully engaged hard wedged in my cervix for some time. I'll ask the ob what station she is at on Tuesday but i thought it was -1 last wed.  The ob told me they would induce at 39 weeks on the day which is next Friday so i am hoping and praying that it won't be an issue getting us in when I see him on tues! wish us luck! 

How far along? 3/ weeks!  One more week to go! 
Total weight gain/loss: lost 10, gained 23- shes head down
Sleep: not sleeping well b/c of the contractions and cramping, tossing and turning, sciatic pain, hot flashes and having to pee a lot, restless leg pain
How big is baby? prob about 7+ lbs: about the size of a pumpkin
Movement: she is head down and tends to favor laying on her left side, so i'm always getting kicked and punched on my right side, this little girls is STRONG :) 
Symptoms: preterm contractions, menstral like cramps, exhausted, intense cervical pressure, restless legs, vericose vein pain, sciatica pain, reflux even with meds
Symptoms I DON'T have: nausea
Food cravings: my home made decaf ice tea, cherries
Food aversions: none this week
Gender:GIRL! * ~ Bella ~ *
Labor Signs:  LOTS of contractions, menstral like cramps, and intense cervical pressure, 80% effaced and 2 cm dilated
Belly Button in or out?  in 
What I miss: not making 100 bathroom trips lol 
What I am looking forward to: meeting this little girl!!! 

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