Monday, May 7, 2012

RH sensitized?! WTH!

 Uggh im feeling a little overwhelmed. I went for my bloodwork today for gtt (glucose 

tolerance test), thyroid and my Rhogam (i'm rh negative). When i went to pick up my 

finished Rhogam shot(its synthesized from your own blood) they said i came back positive 

for antibodies. They wanted to run further testing to determine if I was definitely making 

the anti-d antibodies that would be harmful to baby girl.  Of course I am....uggh. In other 

words I'm Rh sensitive which means my blood cells are attacking the baby. 

The lab called my ob to let them know what is going on.  Since I recieved the Rhogam shot 

while pregnant with Brayden and after he was born it's practically unheard of for this to 

happen. Especially considering I tested negative in the beginning of this pregnancy.  How am 

not surprised. :/ 

So this afternoon they were running a titer to see how sensitive i actually am. I am praying 

at this point its minimal and something manageable and not a moderate or severe case. I 

have been telling Jason for the last week that Bella's movement hasn't been as much as 

normal, not i'm wondering if this is why. RH sensitivity  can have varying effects on the baby 

depending on what my titer levels look like.  The main concern is that it causes anemia and 

jaundice from the mothers red blood cells destroying the babies.  I won't even go in to the 

more severe cases. 

So for now we just wait, I have my follow up OB appointment tomorrow anyway to make 

sure I haven't had any additional cervical changes from my L&D trip last week( i was 75% 

effaced). I'm still having irregular cramping/contractions so I'm praying that I've at least 

stayed the same. Needless to say I'm feeling stressed.  I hate not having any control over the 

situation and the idea of my body attacking the baby just kills me. But I guess we will see 

how things go in the morning. Praying for good news.  

Some links about RH sensitivity:

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