Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great news! (for a change!!)

Just as I was leaving Brayden's immunologist appointment I got a call back from my OB about my Rh sensitization issues.  The Red Cross was amazing and got the results back to them already and it looks like we may be in the clear! HUGE relief! Apparently my blood work is still showing me as positive to Anti-d but when they did the antibody type and screen and another test they all came back negative!!! In other words my blood work is giving off the signal that I am sensitized but under further inspection I'm not! THANK GOD! I REALLY needed to hear this news. I have been so worried and stressed about Bella coming early and the possibility that my own red blood cells were attacking her was like the icing on the cake. So they had me run down to Cooper and pick up my Rhogam shot and they gave it to me in the office on the spot.  So now that this speed bump is over with we can focus on keeping baby girl in till 34-35 weeks and we will be golden!

Who would of though the site of another needle would be so great! hello rhogam!

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