Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Ready for Bella!

Slowly but surely we are getting everything together and set up for Bella's arrival. Of course I'm not due for another 10weeks and 4days but with my premature contractions/effacement/cramping I'm trying to make sure we have things done a little earlier just in case. Of course my "Type A" personality wants me to have things done ahead of time regardless so it's nice to get things together.

The kids will actually be sharing a room, which should be interesting but we painted the whole room a turquoise color (Brayden's color) since her bedding has the same color in it. It ties everything together really nicely. Brayden's wall is going to be painted with horizontal stripes in varying sizing in the turquoise, a darker turquoise and white.  We already had chocolate brown curtains in there (they darken the room nicely) but I'm not sure if I like them with the new bedding but that's the least of my worries. We got the same style crib as Brayden so they match and it keeps things looking cohesive. Brays bed converts to a toddler day bed so he will be using that for a while.  I love the butterfly bedding that I found. Big surprise I picked butterflies!! It's SO cute! I will have to drop the mattress down later but I know she won't be in it for a long while so I'm not worried about it right now.

I also ordered a few things for her off  I LOVE that site, it's addicting and just plain trouble when it comes to buying things. I did find this awesome seller who does personalized wall decals. I got Bella's name in white with dark purple butterflies. I absolutely love how it turned out. I totally recommend the Etsy store Just the Frosting their stuff is reasonably priced and beautiful.  I am absolutely in love with how our decal turned out, it's beautiful.  Here's the link to the one we ordered.  PS girl stuff is so much fun to buy/decorate ext. I have the hardest time finding things for Bray that I really like.

I also ordered Bella's monthly onesie stickers! I loved taking the monthly photos of Brayden so I had to get her, her own!  They are SO CUTE!

I think all we are waiting for from Etsy (for now lol) is her newborn hat for the hospital.  We had gotten Brayden a hat with his name embroidered and I wanted to keep up with that tradition. It's definitely a great keepsake after it no longer fits.  We ordered this ADORABLE hot pink hat with zebra bow, obviously with her name on it. I can't wait for this to come!!

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