Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ob appt: Rh sensitized?!, Cervical Checks and GTT

Today I had my follow up appointment with the OB to figure out what is going on with the Rh issues and to check for cervical check since last weeks L&D trip.  For the cervical stuff, I was relieved that we haven't made any additional progress since last week, I'm still 75% effaced and 0cm dilated. Huge relief! Fortunately baby girl is still laying transverse so it's helping to eliminate additional pressure on my cervix despite still randomly contracting/cramping.  The dr said at this point his goal is to get me to 34-35 weeks and he will be happy. Obviously anything can happen, she could try and come earlier or I could last much longer. Here's hoping it's the ladder. So she needs at least another 5.5 weeks.

The Rh sensitiziation stuff is another story.  The dr is actually baffled as to how I can possibly be coming up positive for the anti-d antigen.  Not sure if I posted this previously but last year when I had my pre-surgical screening for the LEEP procedure I tested position for Rh sensitivity (anit-d antibodies) but when they did follow up blood work a month later it came up negative. Which makes absolutely no sense. Once your body makes the anti-d antibodies you will always have them in your body and you will always test positive. That being said when I did our IVF pretesting and blood work when I was pregnant I tested negative again for the antibodies.  Usually in order to test positive later in a pregnancy you would have to have had abdominal trauma,  had done an amniocentesis or CVS or had a placental tear where I was exposed to babies blood. To date non of these have occurred. So the OB is sending me for more specialized tests to see what is going on with  my blood and antibodies.  The dr talked to the lab supervisor down at the hospital and they figure out a game plan. They want me to come get antibody typing done and they are going to send it to the American Red Cross b/c they can do more extensive blood  testing than Cooper can.
The way the Dr explained things is that he is hoping that my body is playing tricks.  He used the metaphor that if you have two pairs of pants, one green and one brown. The green being the "good" pants and the brown being the "bad" ones.  He is hoping that the "green pants" are accidentally sending out signals that they are brown pants, therefore registering incorrectly when blood work is ran.  So I am REALLY hoping that this is the case and I am not sensitized as we thought. If that's the case they said they'll be able to give me the Rhogam and we will hopefully be okay. I'm praying this is the case, b/c the anxiety of my red blood cells attacking the baby is killing me.  The doctor did say that if I am sensitized that that is something that would "defy the laws of immunology"... lol leave it to me.  So now we wait ...again. I go tomorrow morning, it should hopefully take 1-2 days for the Red Cross to get the results back to my Dr.  I'm keeping everything crossed for good news.

My other blood work that I had done also came back, my thyroid levels were good so I don't need to adjust my Synthroid. I am a little bit anemic despite being on the prenatal s so I'm going to make sure I"m taking extra care to increase my iron intake.  I did end up failing my GTT(glucose tolerance test).  I only failed by 1 point.  Go figure. my dr does 140 and up as a fail and I was at 141.  Which isn't bad but with how big Brayden was they want me to do the 3 hour GTT just to play it safe. So, I'll go next Tuesday when i have a sitter to get that done. I was hoping I would of passed my hr this time around since I passed with flying colors when they did an early one in the second trimester.  I failed my 1hr with Brayden and passed my 3hr so I'm hoping I follow the same trend. I really don't want anything else to have to worry about right now.  The OB did say I haven't gained anything in the last 3+ weeks so that's a good sign.  Here's hoping!!!

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  1. Girl, you can' catch a break. Prayers with you!