Friday, May 20, 2011

Water Table Fun!

We got Brayden a really fun pirate ship water table and he loves it! I actually haven't put outside or filled it with water yet b/c the weather has been so crappy but it has been awesome for in the living room.  It's seriously amazing how fast he is growing up. He loves standing and pulling himself up at the water table, and anything else for that matter. :)  In fact the one day he literally stood and played for 40 mins straight just playing at the table.  I love to watch him inspect his toys and try and figure them out but he always has to "test" them by banging them on an surface to make noise.  It can get a little noisy at times but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Of course everything goes right in the mouth, he has to taste everything! lol  Teething is partly to blame for that one.  He is always trying to crawl underneath the table and gets stuck, he is just too funny! The one day he was playing so intensely he managed to remove his pants and one sock while standing and kept playing! These are the kind of moments life is all about! :)

Mmmmm shark!

Big boy standing!

So curious!

I think i can make it!

Help mom i'm stuck! 

He was playing SO intently he lost his PANTS and a SOCK!!? 

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