Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another trip to the Zoo!

Since the weather forcast didn't show rain or scattered thunderstorms we took advantage of the warm sunny weather and made another trip to the zoo! Gotta love memberships! This time me, Brayden and Aunt Katie took a trip!  We had a lot of fun despite how warm it was. It was a much more relaxed experience since we went during the week and it wasn't a holiday. I know, brilliant of us to go for the first time on Mother's Day!
We were able to see more and different exhibits and even get to the tree house!  Brayden had so much fun "testing" everything out and looking at all the animals!  This time at the petting zoo the sheep were out so he finally got to pet one.  

Dino Egg!

Baby giraffe! 

 Lazy gorilla!
 She looks sad but it's just her face, lol 
she had two babies that she was swinging around with! 

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