Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rolling? Maybe i'll just scoot around instead :)

Brayden FINALLY rolled from back to tummy on ST. Patrick's day! He's been trying since 3 months and would always get stuck on his arm but he finally got it! Of course he waited till I was out of the room but Aunt Katie got to see and he was showing off afterwards!  Despite all of his rolling skills it seems he prefers to scoot around the floor instead. lol  I STILL haven't caught it on video, so that will have to come later! His sitting skills are getting even better it's been about a month and he does great sitting on his own and is still trying to sit up from a laying position.

He is seriously growing like a weed! He still fits in a lot of his 6 month clothes but I had to pull out and wash everything up to 9 months.Of course everything in 9 months swims on him in the width but he is just too TALL!
This is how i found him after his nap!
He is ALWAYS moving and kicking his legs in excitement... 
this is what happens when your kid starts to outgrow thier pjs! lol 

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