Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day in the life of Brayden

Everyday I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be mom! Some days are better than other but after years of trying to have a baby i think i have a special appreciation (no offense to anyone else) for all the little things, so here's a typical day with my amazing little man!

 This is the amazing smile i get to wake up to every day!!

Feeding Time! 
The latest trend is he wants to try and hold the bottle himself!  He almost did it the whole time!

Brayden is now officially in love with his doorway jumper.. which we affectionately call the "jump jump". : P After a monthor so of trying he finally realized its for jumping not spinning.  lol 

Nap Time!
He's famous for his 45 min naps! 

Always eating anything he can get his hands on!

He LOVES LOVES books! and Now that he is sitting up he can more easily flip 
through them and "feel" all of the pages (thanks to touch and feel books)!

Playing at the park!

Tummy Time! 
Prob his least favorite but he's really good at it!

Dinner Time!
So far he LOVES almost everything! 

Bed Time! 
That smile... What a great way to finish the night!

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  1. Jennie, he has changed so much!!! I totally see his features starting to show! How fun is that??? He's adorable!