Sunday, March 27, 2011

One of those weeks...

Brayden definitely hasn't had the best few weeks.First it started off with a cold that lasted almost two weeks, he's been teething relentlessly despite no breakthrough and this past week he must of been having one heck of a growth spurt waking up multiple times a night.  Poor kid! 

I'm not going to lie it definitely has been tiring and at times frustrating for me (and Jason) but I can't complain or imagine life any other way.  I look back at all the times that I cried because we couldn't pregnant, all the cycles and failures we went through and feel grateful for every moment good and bad I have with my amazing little man.   I can't imagine a better life of changing diapers, making bottles and wiping snotty noses! :) 

Look Mom a Truck!!

He discovered he can spin the wheels :) 

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