Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Return of the Ear Infection :(

Poor Brayden has another ear infection. Okay I know it's only his second one but he JUST finished his antibiotics on Thursday. Over night from Sunday to Monday he had a really rough night. Waking up screaming multiple times. He usually only wakes up once and his temperament was really "off" so I was hoping it just a coincidence.

He woke up with a low grade fever. It was steady around 101 degrees. I'm noticing that for him EI(ear infections) come with the low grade fever vs the crazy high fevers he tends to run when he has something else going on.  All morning he was ripping at his ears and hitting his head with open hands so I KNEW something was definitely wrong. He didn't want to eat or really drink.  I waited till he was down for his nap to call the pedes. I knew that if he wasn't feeling good, getting a good rest in was more important than getting him in to the dr a few hours earlier.

We had our appt later that night, and the dr confirmed that he definitely had another EI. This time it was his right ear instead of his left. The right was only red but not puss filled the last time. He said that there was a good chance that he already had some fluid in it and since he had just had a cold and EI that it shows up fast the second time around. So this time are doing different antibiotics(Cefdinir), so he doesn't become desensitized to the amoxacillin.  Here's hoping it helps and he's feeling 100% soon. I'm just hoping and praying that these EI's don't become habitual.  Poor kid, this winter has been SO rough on him!!

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