Monday, February 20, 2012

17 weeks!

Whew, what a week we've had, I'll post more on that later but I wanted to get my weekly Bump shot up since I was suppose to do this Friday :) Considering all the stress I've been under I think i got giant this week.

How far along? 17 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: lost 10/ gained 1-2 (varies by day)
Sleep: been exhasuted with Brayden so sick so i've been passing out when i can
How big is baby? A big onion, average size 5.1 inches, 5.9 oz
Best moment this week: movement becoming more frequent
Movement: more consistant, especially when laying
Symptoms:  exhausted, peeing constantly!
Symptoms I DON'T have: nausea
Food cravings: spicy, sugary/sour
Food aversions: meat, although sometimes i'm okay
Gender: ???
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button in or out?  IN
What I am looking forward to: our next u/s!

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