Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lunch with Santa!

Since Brayden was actually feeling a little bit better today we stuck with the plan and attended lunch with Santa at Grandma and Grandpa Keyser's development. It was a really cute event for the kiddies but the place was packed and it was so loud. Everyone got a hot dog and drinks for lunch and then they called up each of the children/families to sit with Santa and receive a present. They had it set up where the grandparents bought each child a present up to $15 and dropped it off in advance.

Ohh Present! 
 What is this?!! 
Thank you Santa! 

After Brayden's last encounter with Santa I knew this time wasn't going to be much different.  But he did really well considering, when it was his turn we held his hand and walked up to Santa. He was so cautious and was "studying" Santa, it was so cute!  I think the only reason he walked near him was because he was offering him his present. LOL.  We tried to get him to sit on Santa's lap and he freaked, so Jason sat next to him with him in his lap and even then he was trying to get away.  lol Overall we had a great time, hopefully next year he's more receptive and likes Santa. 

Yup not happening... lol 
Sesame Street Bus!! 

Bye Bye Santa! 

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