Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 6 Months Bella Rose!

Happy 6 months Princess! How is it that we are celebrating your half birthday already! Seriously it feels like just yesterday that I held you in my arms for the first time.  You have gotten so big and have changed so much!

Here are a few pics from your 6 month photo shoot! 

6 months is a fun age! So many milestones and so much to look forward to.  Bella is getting so big! She is 19lb 6oz (96%)and just shy of 28"(98%)!  Chunky Monkey for sure! She seriously has the sweetest personality. She is only fussy when she is over tired or just wants to nurse. She had the cutest little laugh and the best smile where she smiles with her eyes.  

One of my favorite milestones this last month is she says MAMA!! MELT. MY. HEART! She was mumbling mama previously but she finally got the connection around 5 1/2 months. So when shes upset or wants something she cries out the saddest little "maaaa maaa" and reaches for me. I think she is going to be a talker. She loves to "talk" and babble and screech in delight, she's such a girl!!

Bella desperately wants to crawl. She is not quite there yet with the arm strength to hold up her body on her knees; instead she launches herself head first in to things. Lucky her she has her mothers coordination and tends to smack her head on things. Yup she is definitely my kid. Despite the head dives she is strong and loves to stand at her play table, holding on to the couch or holding on to your hands.  She is so smart. I love this stage because they are like sponges at this age. She analyzes everything and is learning how to use her toys the correct way. I'm sure having an older brother helps but it never ceases to amaze me what babies can pick up!  

Sleep. Oh where has my good sleeper gone. I swear a sting of things has killed Bella's great sleeping habits. RSV killed her good sleeping habits and then when she was finally feeling better and getting back on track she got her first ear infection. Ugh. It's tough going from waking one time a night to nurse to waking every 2 hours and wanting to stay up for hours at a time in the middle of the night.  Here's hoping we can get back to her amazing sleep habits.  She normally takes a cat nap in the morning, takes long nap in the afternoon from 1-3 or 4, then a little cat nap at dinner and bed at 8.  It's a great schedule and thankfully she is still young enough that she is flexible with her nap time schedule. 

I am proud to say we are 6 months in to breastfeeding and its going strong!! Of course I give Bella all the credit, she is an amazing nurser.  I will say it's not always easy when all she wants to do is comfort nurse and it tears me up, but overall it's a great and easy experience. I only brag because I wasn't so lucky to have this experience with Brayden and i'm glad it's going so well. By her size you can definitely tell mama's milk is doing her good! She is still nursing every three hours. She will go longer at times and has times where she cluster feeds. I feel like a pro at nursing on the go. I breastfeed modestly but I have no qualms nursing where every I have to even in public. hopefully people aren't "oh you're one of those". I guarantee you, you would prob never know I was even nursing her 95% of the time. :)  Bella still HATES the bottle. She will barely take it for Jason or anyone who is watching her. Thanks to other moms recommendations we tried her sippy cup, which she loves to drink water from, and she does great with it. So we have officially nixed the bottles and are going with cups all the time. I'm thrilled! It'll be one less thing to have to transition and break later. 

We did get more serious with solids this month.  She was having them here and there but not consistent till she hit 5 months.   We are doing a lot of baby led weaning and some puree. Based on her preferences she would much rather eat what we are eating, or what I'm eating since it's all allergen free for her. So I have a feeling she will be on all table food even earlier than Brayden was. We did a combo of BWL with Bray and he was on on all table food by 8-9 months. Honestly  I think this approach is why he loves foods, strong flavors and even spicy things.  Here's hoping she follows suit!! 

SO here's to a happy half birthday Bella rose! The countdown is on till your first birthday...and that kinda makes me sad!! 

And of course the monthly onesie stickers! 
She wasn't really "up" for it and kept taking off her sticker but we got a few cute pics even though smiles were hard to catch! 

 I'd rather eat my hand mom! 
 It is uncanny how her expressions match Brayden's! 
 "back up i got this!"

 STRIKE a pose!

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